My New Years Resolutions | 2017

This is generally the time of year, where people are still recovering from New Years Eve. People are proclaiming ‘New Year New Me’ whilst staring at the leftover Christmas chocolates in the living room wondering if having just one still counts. Most people at this point will have come up with a number of self-improvements they wish to make. And in most cases fail by mid-January. In my case this definitely won’t happen…

Start going to the gym

This is a pretty standard New Years Resolution where most people join the gym on January 1st and by 2nd Feb are ‘too busy’ or have just attempted to forget the promise they ever made to themselves. I’d like to start going to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. There is a women’s only gym session every Sunday morning at the gym near to where I live in London. I’d like to start going to fitness classes as well because I think I’d be more motivated if I attended a fun class. Note to self: force housemates to humiliate themselves with you at dance aerobics class throughout 2017.

Drink more water

Drinking more water is a must, I probably have a bottle a day at most. I have low blood pressure and so can get very hot, headachey and dizzy when I don’t drink enough. I want to start aiming for 3 bottles a day and then build that up to maybe four or five throughout the year.

Eat more healthily

I need to try to start eating more healthily. I tend to eat one large meal a day because I’m so busy and haven’t left myself enough time in my schedule to have breakfast or make healthy packed lunches. Smaller regular meals are needed, especially breakfast. I also need to start carrying more healthy snacks around with me. Fruit flakes and yoghurt coated fruit, holla.

Learn to drive

Whilst most of my friends are driving or at least are well on their way to learning, I have never had a lesson ever and am seriously lagging. That is, if you don’t count the terrible experience that was the lesson with my mom in a carpark which she has desperately tried to push to the back of her memory. I would love to finish learning how to drive this year ready to buy a car once I finish uni. A little cute Fiat 500 will be mine. Eventually.

Save money

I would like to start saving up money for said car. I’m also going on holiday next Summer which I need to save up for. Moving out straight away once I finish uni would be ideal, so having some money saved ready to rent a house would be nice too. Step one, would be to STOP UBERING. My uber addiction is ridiculous and I need to start getting public transport more. Stop being a public transport peasant denialist.


Spend more time on blogging

I would like to spend more time on my blog. It’s something I really enjoy doing but I get so caught up in everything else I’m doing, I can often forget all about it. I would like to post more consistently, every few days. Maybe get a proper post schedule in place. Write up more posts in bulk and take bulk stock photos for my blog. I’d like to focus on my blog properly in 2017 and see where it takes me.

Start being more creative again

I used to love art and photography at school but as soon as I went to uni, it has been endless uni documentation followed by work in an evening, which has left very little time for the hobbies I used to enjoy. For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me a sketchpad and pencils and I’d like to start dedicating some time each month to drawing. I also invested in a DSLR camera which I want to start using to get into photography again.

Establish a routine and plan my days

I would like to start planning my week and being more organised and productive with my days. I want to start getting up earlier in a morning and I want to put aside time to make a nice healthy breakfast. Meal planning generally. I’d like to have set days in the week where I go to the gym or set aside time for blogging/reading/art.

Finish my advanced diploma in special event planning & design

I am currently studying event & wedding planning and I have been slacking majorly so far. I hope to finish my course by the end of 2017 and hopefully get some experience in events. My 21st birthday might be a good start! I like the idea of setting up my own events business one day and finishing this course is key to working that all out.


I am hoping that in sharing my goals for 2017, I will feel more inclined to stick to them as I can publicly be held accountable should I pile on four stone, fail my diploma and end up bankrupt by 2018.



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