The One Where I Went On Tour With FriendsFest

 So you may or may not have noticed I have been pretty absent over the last 3 months. If you haven’t, RUDE. This was because I was busy being the strong independent working woman I aspire to be. If you didn’t already know, I am a stage manager by day and I was offered a job as an assistant stage manager on FriendsFest 2017 to tour round the country to six different venues with them across 12 weeks.

As a true British 90s kid, I grew up watching Friends when it was on endlessly on E4 and witnessed the controversial move to Comedy Central when non-Sky users were outraged their access to pure 90s TV gold were going to be restricted. I grew up in love with Chandler, and aspiring to be Rachel. So when I saw this job opportunity I had to apply. To be honest, I thought the chances of me getting the job were so slim, I had pretty much confirmed a job in a boring office when I suddenly got offered an interview, and then the job on the spot in the interview in some whirlwind job offer galore few days.

As an assistant stage manager for FriendsFest, my job entailed helping with all the get ins and get outs as the event travelled from venue to venue, setting up all the props and furniture for all the apartments and Central Perk. Then during the actual event, we essentially acted as stewards, looking after the sets and helping people take photos. The hours were incredibly long, working 9:30am – 8:30pm most days with only a couple of days off every fortnight. So it’s safe to say as soon as I finished last Sunday, I went into total hibernation, and have pretty much only just been able to begin functioning like a relatively normal human.

Stopping in hotels and living out of a suitcase was pretty exciting, although it was so difficult to eat well without spending loads so needless to say I have put on approximately 54379 stone since June. Sleeping in my own bed with no-one else in the room was so nice when I finally got back home. It was really cool working on an event that I would have otherwise been to myself and despite the long hours and non stop ‘I’ll Be There For You’ playing on loop, I had a really great time working with some great people. Also, I got to dress Amber Riley up in a wedding dress and Jamie from Love Island up as a gladiator. So there’s that.

Go to FriendsFest 2018!

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Did you go to FriendsFest this year? What did you think of it?

Izzy x


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